Meeting Minutes
  • October 2016 Minutes

    Treasurer's Report: 10,269.96
    Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Sale: 11/2-11/16
    Delivery Date: 12/14
    School Store will open 11/3 and be open every other week.
    Middle School: 7:30-8:00 am
    Elementary School: 8:30-9:00
    Santa's Workshop: 12/7-12/9
    Family Night: 12/7 (Book Fair, Santa's Workshop, tricky trays etc)
    Movie Night: 11/18
    Craft Night: 12/16
    Next Meeting: 11/22 at 3:40 pm
    Present at meeting:
    Jennifer Mahon, Doreen Catina, Stefanie Mizenko, Jeanne Conahan, Greg Cechak, Jacob Mishinski and Stacie Graham
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  • September Minutes


    September 20th 2016

    Treasure's Report: 9,086.24
    Friends Helping Friends
    Current ticket sales: $55
    Tickets will be sold on October 8th from 10-2 at Boscov's
    Also, tickets will be sold the day of the sale: Oct 18.
    T-Shirts for Fun'd walk will be delivered Sept. 26
    Student vs Teacher Volleyball game was rescheduled: Oct 28 
    Field Trips were planned for grades 3-6
    Present at today's meeting were: Jennifer Mahon, Doreen Cantina, Stephanie Mizenko, Jeanne Conahan, Stacie Graham, Greg Cechak, Peggy Fetchko and Karen Cepil
    Next Meeting will be held Tuesday, October 25 at 3:40


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  • May Meeting Minutes


    Treasurers report $13,552.27
    Election of officers took place for 2016/2017 year and are as follows:
    Jennifer Mahon, President - Doreen Catina made the motion, Stacie Graham second, all were in favor.
    Doreen Catina, Vice President- Jennifer Mahon made the motion, Stacie Graham second, all were in favor.
    Stephanie Mizenko, Secretary- Jennifer Mahon made the motion, Stacie Graham second, all were in favor.
    Marybeth Cassano, Treasurer- Jennifer Mahon made the motion, Stacie Graham second, all were in favor.

    8th grade graduation will be held on June 6 during the day.
    7th & 8th grade National Honor Society will be held at 6:00 pm on June 6. We are purchasing metals with ribbons and engraving for the students for $170.00

    Field trips are planned. Still need to pay for the busses.
    For the middle school field trip to Knoebels to raise the rest of the money needed we will be holding an evening dance this Thursday and also selling candy bars.

    Hershey park tickets- 80 were sold with a profit of $225.00.

    Present at today's meeting were: Jennifer Mahon, Doreen Catina, Amanda Kinney, Stacie Graham, Stephanie Mizenko, Jeanne Conahan.
    Next meeting will be held on Wednesday July 6 at 12:00. We will be discussing the itinerary for next year.

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  • April Meeting Minutes


    Treasurers report: balance is $14,477.95

    Clothing sale going on now. Will be getting sample adult sizes. Order form is due on April 15 and will be delivered after May 9.

    School store will be open on Thursdays starting April 21. Times for middle school are 7:30-8:00 and elementary times are 8:30-9:00.
    Fun walk will be held on Thursday may 12. The rain date will be Wednesday may 18.
    Viking day is on May 27.
    Hershey park ticket sales are going on now with a due date of April 18.
    Inquiries were made on National Honor Society and an 8th grade graduation. More info will be available at next meeting.
    Letters will be going out for new officer elections for PTA before next meeting.
    Plans are already in the process for fundraiser next year. Examples: flowers sold for Easter, Otis Spunkmeyer sales to be held in November, candy sales to be held for a Christmas delivery date. Also holding the teacher vs students basketball game earlier in the year and setting up food in the cafeteria.
    Sign in sheet for this meeting was Jennifer Mahon, Doreen Catina, Stephanie Mizenko, Jeanne Conahan, Marybeth Cassano, Stacie Graham
    Next meeting will be held on May 9 at 3:45.

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  • March Meeting Minutes


    Present at today's meeting were: Doreen Catina, Jacob Mishinski, Greg Cechak, Stacy Robertson, Jennifer Mahon, Stephanie Mizenko, Jeanne conahan
    Gertrude hawk candy arrival date is March 11. Victoria's is on March 16.
    Decided to go with Rob at Valley Athletics for future clothing orders. Motion was made by Doreen Catina, second by Jacob Mishinski and third by Stacy Robertson. There will be samples available for sizing. Clothing available will be tshirts, hoodies, sweatpants, polos. Greg Cechak will make a brochure.
    Students vs teachers basketball game will be held Thursday March 10. We will be having concession stand available with food and drinks, bake sale, tricky tray sale and clothing sale.
    PTA will be purchasing bracelets for the fun walk to be held on May 12. Also will be selling tshirts that students are able to wear that day.
    Viking day is May 27 - rain date is May 31.
    Total made for box tops are $532.80.
    Will be sending out new election of officer forms for the upcoming PTA election.
    Will be doing a Hershey Park ticket sale.
    School store is in the process of being set up and will be opening within the next week or two. Will be announced when ready.
    Next meeting will be April 4 at 3:45.

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