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    Ms. Weaver

    Health/PE Teacher and Ski Club Advisor

    Schools:  VMS/HAHS/HAAS

    Email:  weaverm@hasdk12.org

    *Optional workout videos on hyperlink "workouts."

    Note:          Hi everyone!  Beginning today, May 11 you can begin working on 4th quarter

    Health assignments on Edgenuity.  I have a timeline below to help you achieve completing

    all of the work by June 5th.  You may work ahead, or at your own pace.  Please let me

    know if you have questions through email.  


    Nota: Hola a todos! A partir de hoy, 11 de mayo, puede comenzar a trabajar en asignaciones de salud del cuarto 
    trimestre en Edgenuity. Tengo un cronograma a continuación para ayudarlo a completar todo el trabajo antes del
    5 de junio. Puede trabajar con anticipación o a su propio ritmo. Avíseme si tiene preguntas por correo electrónico.


    9th Grade Health (pd. 3/4)-

    Dates:  (5-11-5-15-2020)-  Complete Lessons:  Endocrine and Reproductive Systems and Pregnancy

    (5-18-5-22-2020)- Complete lessons: Abstinence and Contraceptives and Test

    (5-25-5-29-2020) - Complete lessons:  Risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Common STI Infections

    (6-1-6-5-2020) - Complete lessons:  Understanding HIV and AIDS, Living with HIV and AIDS and Test


    10th Grade Health (pd.1/2 and 8/9)

    Dates:  (5-11-5-15-2020) - Complete lessons:  Using Tobacco and Dangers of Tobacco

    (5-18-5-22-2020) - Complete:  Tobacco topic test and Using Alcohol lesson

    (5-25-5-29-2020) - Complete- Alcohol and the Body Lesson and Alcohol Test

    (6-1-6-5-2020) - Complete- Medicines and Illegal Drugs Unit including test