• Welome Students and Parents .

    My name is Mrs. Renee Esposito Chirico.

    I will be teaching  8th grade Career Applications and Computer Science Quarters Three and Four at McAdoo. Please check this web page each week ( daily for any updates).

    • All work is posted on TEAMS 
    • Students will be expected to complete assignments for credit. Please see TEAMS for due dates and times
    • If the student is unable to access teams due to any inconvenience , they can email the assignment to me. 
    • Today's lesson for Period 4,6,7,&8 is to use the WORD document we started in class . The document will reflect on 3 pathways generated by surveys taken on pacareerzone.org. Students will choose 3 jobs in each pathway to collect and report data..
    • I will be available to answer questions through email chiricor@hasdk12.org



    Online Instruction 

    PA Standards:

    13.1.8.D Explain the relationship of career/ career training programs to employment oportunities.

    13.2.8.D Develop an individual career portfolio including components, such as but not limited to ( Career explorations, results, c personal career goals, personal career plans, hobbies, and interests.

    CC.3.6.6-8.F Conduct short research projects to answer a question (including a self generated question).



    • Look for lesson under Microsoft teams under your specific time period


    Have a great week

    Mrs. Chirico

    Hazleton Area School District


    Quarter 1&2- West Hazleton Elementary Middle School

    Quarter 3&4 McAdoo Elementary Middle School


    • Computer Science
    • Computer Literacy and Computer Applications
    • Career Applications
    • STEM Classes
    • Enrichment Activities
    • Introduction to Personal Finance
    • Introduction to MLA Formatting
    • ( Kindergarten and Elementary; Introduction to computer applications)


    Class assignments will be given on a day to day basis. All assignments posted that is not completed in class or at the end of a live session must be completed by the day posted or by 7 Pm the next day to receive credit.

    Any student missing an assignment or test due to an excused absence of 1-3 days, will be given the same number of the days as the absence to make up missed work including assignmemts, in class projects, homework, quizzes and or tests. An absence longer than three days will be addressed by school administrator( Principlal/ Vice Principal).


    1.  Students have to arrive for class on time.If the student experiences difficulty logging in to Microsoft TEAMS ora LIVE session , Email Mrs. Chirico to explain the issue (chiricor@hasdk12.org).

    2. It is the students responsibility to gain an understanding for how to use Microsoft Teams. 

    3. If the student is using a school issued laptop,remember to respect the equipment as it is loaned to the student for use.

    4. During in class and or Live sessions, ONE PERSON speaks at a time. Student will raise hand if they have a question. Outbursts in class are not tolerated.

    If the class on a LIVE MEET studen willt use the raise hand button and or use the chat application.

    5. Inappropriate behaviors in class and or LIVE session,may result in student being removed from live or virtual classroom.

    All inappropriate posts , chats, comments, etc. will be referred to school administrators, and or building administrator( principal/ viceprincipal).

    { remember; all teachers and principals can see posts, replys chats and comments EVEN AFTER THEY ARE DELETED.}

    6. When attending class Live or virtual, student should be engaged in the lesson and not involved in other activities.

    7. During scheduled class time whether Live or virtual, student is expected to be present. If you do not have access to internet allow Mrs. Chirico to know.

    8. ALL students will resect each other, the teacher any substitute or adult in the classroom, and or TEAMS meeting. Improper behavior will not be tolerated . Improper behavior can result in disciplinary measures and privileges can be revoked.


    1. All posts and comments should be relevant to the topic, question ,or to the specific class lesson. Posts are not for social discussion/private chats.

    All posts on TEAMS are visible are visible to anyone that has access to TEAMS.

    2. Reply to existing posts and threads . Do not start new conversations, unless asking a question for HELP.

    3. Be polite at all times.

    • Write in full sentences using proper grammar. If  I cannot understand what you are saying and or asking or stating in a comment or post, you will not receive credit.
    • NO SLANG or LINGO will be accepted. Microsoft includes spellcheck, USE IT!!!!
    • Ask and respond respectfully.
    • Thank others if they help( in the virtual class leave a thumbsup!!

    4. Be helpful

    •  Ask and Answer questions, sometimes your question/ answer will help your peers.

    Plagiarism will result in a zero for any participants!!!! refer to Purdue owl for rules on plagiarism.