Hello, sixth grade!

         I hope you're all doing well, practicing social distancing, and staying healthy!

         While the schools are closed due to the Corona virus, I will be posting activities for you to complete while we are apart. The activities posted here on my webpage are optional and will not be graded, but I feel like they are activities you would enjoy! I have attached links on the left hand side of this page.

         The weekly activities will be posted every Monday under "Enrichment and Review - Weekly Activities". Please check this page frequently.

         The "Enrichment and Review - Websites" page is a list of online resources. These include access to free games, free books, review content, and more. All of the websites I listed on this page are providing students (and teachers) with FREE access to their websites that usually charge for a membership! I like free! :)

         If you have any questions over the next few weeks, feel free to e-mail me at ciampij@hasdk12.org. I know our current situation is new to everyone, and it may feel a bit strange at first. Do not worry! We will take things slow and get through this together! We always do!

         I miss you all, and I cannot wait to see you all soon!

                                                  Mrs. Ciampi

     red ribbon week1

    Red Ribbon Week - Black Out Bad Decisions (above)

    red ribbon week 2

    Red Ribbon Week - Don't Get Tied Up in Drugs Day (above)


    Red Ribbon Week - Sweat Out Bad Decisions (above)


    Red Ribbon Week - Crazy About Making Good Decisions (above)


    Congratulations to the HONOR students in 6-JC for the 1st quarter of 6th grade!! I'm SO proud of all of you! :) (above)


    Mrs. Ciampi


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    Reading, English, Spelling, and Handwriting
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