• Weekly Online Schedule-Week 1


    Teacher’s Name:  Lindsay Wagner             Teacher’s Email : wagnerl@hasdk12.org

     Students and parents should complete all of the assignments listed below weekly. Take your time and do the assignments when you can. Develop a daily routine. Students and parents should work together.

     Los estudiantes y los padres deben completar todas las tareas que se enumeran a continuación semanalmente. Tómese su tiempo y haga las tareas cuando pueda. Desarrolle una rutina diaria. Los estudiantes y los padres deben trabajar juntos.


    These are the standards that we will be covering this week:

    Nouns- C.C.2.1a Use collective nouns (e.g., group).

    Compare and Contrast- C.C.2.Rinf.9-Compare and contrast the most important points presented by two texts on the same topic. 


    (ELD Grade 2)

    We will have a daily zoom at 11:00  Here is the link-

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    Meeting ID: 891 0660 7116
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