• Family Song Project - Week 5

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 5/31/2020

    Thank you for all of your great work from home! You guys are doing an awesome job, and I love seeing your pictures and videos. We made it to our final week of school!!

    During the year, we shared a lot of songs in the music room. I've also shared some from my home, including the one in THIS VIDEO. This songtale is a funny story that also teaches us a lesson about being patient. A songtale is a kind of song that is passed down from generation to generation, and can be shared with anyone at any time. You don't need to be on a stage or in a classroom to make music. You can do it at home, at a campout, in the park, with your family, or with your friends!

    Now, it's your turn to share a song from your home! Do you have a favorite song that you, or someone else in your family, likes to sing? Maybe you have parent, grandparent, or another relative that has a favorite song from when they were young. Use this FORM to share your family's song with me. 



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  • A Musical Adventure - Music Lesson Week 4

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 5/24/2020

    This week, I'd like to share a musical story. In this story, the composer (the person who writes the music) uses instruments to show each character. After you have listened to the story, click on the Worksheet and match the character to the instrument.

    Peter and the Wolf Worksheet

    You can send your worksheet by mail on in Class Dojo. Don't forget to click the link on the chalkboard to fill out the form and let us know what you've completed for all specials this week. 

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  • Pitched Instruments - Week 3

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 5/17/2020

    Welcome to week 3 of online learning. I miss you all so much, and I hope you're all doing well at home. This week, I'll be sharing some pitched instruments, doing an experiment with sound waves, and creating an instrument to play a melody. 

    Week 3 Lesson Video


    After watching the lesson, learn more about high and low by singing along with Mike the Microphone and friends on The Music Show.

    Don't forget to go back to the classroom and fill out the form on the board. You can also share your work by email or on Class Dojo. After you've finished your lessons, check out the other fun links in our classroom to learn more. You can click on any picture in the room for extra fun activities. 


    For more about the science of sound, click HERE for a video with Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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  • Kitchen Rhythms - Music Lesson Week 2

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 5/10/2020

    Welcome to week 2 of online learning. Today, I'm coming to you live from my kitchen, to make some rhythms with food! Can you find foods in your kitchen to make rhythm patterns with? 

    Kitchen Rhythm Lesson Video




    After you watch this week's lesson, try matching these foods to the correct rhythm plate! Remember to put your name on your work! You can submit by email, by clicking HERE.

     Food Rhythm Worksheet


    Just for fun, check out how the Swedish Chef uses the food in his kitchen to make rhythms!

    Swedish Chef Popcorn

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  • Musical Instruments at Home - Week 1 Lesson

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 5/3/2020

    PA Standard - 9.1. Production, Performance and Exhibition of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts

    Welcome to week 1 of Online Instruction. This week, I'd like to share a story about a little boy who wants to make music at home. Then, you will get to make your own instrument to play some music at home. I'll share some ideas in the lesson, and we can play our instruments together.

    The lesson video can be found by clicking this link: https://youtu.be/ksUahc4PYLU


    Then, try playing some rhythm patterns on your instrument by clicking this link: https://musicplayonline.com/rhythm-practice-new/


    I miss you all, and would love to hear from you and see your work. Make sure you click the form on the chalkboard in the virtual classroom to let us know what you worked on. You can show us your work by emailing or sending a message on Class Dojo.


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  • Rhythm Time!

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 4/26/2020

    This week, you can create your own Rhythms with Peg+Cat. Click HERE to play! Then, practice some rhythm patterns with "Cherry" and "Beet".

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  • Fun Music Friday

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 4/17/2020

    Check out this awesome kitchen instrument. Then, try to make your own (with a grownups permission, of course). 

    Kitchen Water Drum

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  • An Easter time Action Song!

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 4/9/2020

    Hi Music friends. Join me for a fun action song, just in time for Easter. And remember, don't eat too much candy!

    One Green Jellybean

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  • A Clapping Game

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 4/8/2020

    Today, let's use our bodies to make music! This time, we have a fun clapping game that you can play with someone in your home. Watch the video to learn how it goes, and try it with your family!Miss Mary Mack

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  • Tuneful Tuesday

    Posted by Charissa Piccotti-Fanny on 4/7/2020

    Today, we have a special guest in the music room. Students from the Hazleton Area Arts and Humanities Academy have shared their amazing talents with us to sing some of our favorite songs. Listen and sing along with one of our high school friends.Over In the Meadow


    After singing, check out a real meadow on this virtual tour of a farm! Dutch Hollow Farm Tour

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