Computer Rotation Procedures:

    ·         Immediately log onto computer and onto Read 180. You have 20 minutes, which means at least 18 minutes should be calculated on daily Read 180 useage report, (that allows 2 minutes to log on).

    ·         Do NOT go on games, skyward, research for other classes, music, etc. Not following this rule will result in a discipline write up.

    ·         Computers will remain plugged in at computer area at all times.

    ·         Headphones are to be hung on grey hooks when not in use.

    ·         Each day begin with Reading Zone!

    ·         When the computer is reading a passage to you, follow along! It does not mean it is break time!

    ·         If you are given the chance when answering questions to look back in the passage for the answer, please do so.

    ·         In word zone, the computer scores what you first click. Do not be a “happy clicker”. Choose your answers wisely.

    ·         When you get to a success zone, tell me so I can mark it. I then have to listen to it and score it for fluency.

    ·         Each day when your time at the computer rotation is over, be sure to log out correctly. You must go back to the zone menu, then click quit, then hit yes I really want to quit. If you just close out of the screen you do not get credit for anything you did. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!