• Independent Reading Rotation

    Independent Reading Rotation Procedures:

    ·         Choose a book that is on your level, you will be given a lexile range to follow.

    ·         When you begin/end a book, log the date in your Rbook on pages 300-301.

    ·         Get the quick write and graphic organizer for your book. These will be kept in your folder, but are NOT to be written on.

    ·         Get a reading log paper to keep in your folder.

    ·         Each day you will read and work on graphic organizer. You will work on quick writes when you come to a sticker in your book.

    ·         Each day when your time at the independent reading rotation is over, be sure to mark on your reading log where you ended in your book and place your book back in the library.

    ·         When you finish a book, make sure all quick writes, book logs in Rbook and paper copies, and graphic organizers are complete. They are to be turned in to teacher.

    ·         You will take a paper copy of the reading counts quiz first. You will not write on the test. You will write the answers in your notebook. When you are finished with the quiz have a teacher correct it. You will either be told to review or to take the computer version of the quiz.