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    As a high school student (an institute of "higher learning"), you're going to be expected to learn a wide variety of topics. The goal of the school is to give each student a well-rounded education so that they may be successful after graduation, whether that means going to college or getting a job.  Here are a few tips to help you be successful in this class as well as in school:
       *  Do your Assignments!  Many of the assignments you will be asked to do will be started in school and turned into homework if you don't finish it.  Most students do poorly in Biology because they do not keep up with their assignments.
       *  Study, Study, Study!  Look over your notes and work for a few minutes each day; this will prevent you from having to cram for a test or exam.
       *  Ask for Help!  I will gladly help you.....never be afraid to ask.
       *  Come to Class Prepared!  Be organized and keep your notes and handouts together.
       *  Be Responsible!  Come to school, if you are absent, find out what you missed.
    Put forth the effort - it will be recognized!!!
    Biology Survival Guide: