1. Barrier- something that prevents people from doing something

      2. Reluctant- hesitant and unwilling

      3. Eloquent- able to say things well

      4. Thereby- in that way, thus

      5. Prevail-to achieve success after a struggle

      6. Generation-all the people in a society or family who are about the same age

      7. Hotheaded-easily angered

      8. Fate-the force that some people believe controls what happens to people

      9. Instance-an example of something

      10. Chaos-confusion

      11. Infatuated-strong feelings of love

      12. Encounter-a meeting or an experience with someone or something

      13. Grim-unhappy and very serious

      14. Yearning-wanting something

      15. Ally-a friend or supporter

      16. Implored-begged

      17. Grasped-understood

      18. Persuade-to convince someone to do something

      19. Distraught-anxious and upset

      20. Woes-serious problems

      21. Compel- to force someone to do something

      22. Vial-a small bottle of medicine

      23. Hence- for this reason

    Word wall words are practiced daily in Read 180. Students should review words throughout the workshop in order to succeed on the vocabulary quiz and vocabulary test.
    The following words are for Workshop 6: Love and War (Quarter 2):
    The following words are word wall words for The Bully/ Brothers In Arms:
    The Bully vocabulary 
     Brothers in Arms vocabulary:
    Workshop 1: Survivors
    - urgent- very important, needs to be dealt with immediately
    -circumstances-facts or conditions that affect a situation
    -perspective-point of view
    -philosophy-beliefs or ideas
    -frantically-with great fear and urgency
    -aspire-to want to do something
    -significant-important and meaningful
    -devoted-giving your time to something
    -committed-dedicated or serious
    -anguish-a strong feeling of misery or distress
    -intent- to be determined to do something
    -intense-very strong
    -effective-done with skill 
    -drastic-extreme and sudden
    -insight-a deep understanding
    The following are word wall words for Workshop 2:  Killer Plaques
    -contagious- spreadable by touch or through the air
    -internal-inside something
    -impact- an effect or result
    -epidemic- the rapid spread of a disease among many people
    -resistance- the ability to fight off or overcome something
    -feasible- possible
    -expose- to leave without protection
    -infect- to give someone a disease
    estimate- to make a guess
    courageous- brave
    The following words are word wall words for Workshop 4: When Music Offends
    • critic- a person who judges if something is good or bad
    • agitate- to bother or upset someone
    • confront- to stand up to someone in a threatening way
    • controversy- a disagreement among many people
    • compromise- to settle differences by accepting less than you want
    • oppose- to disagree strongly
    • promote-to contribute to the growth of something
    • offensive-causing anger or hurt feelings
    • boycott- refuse to buy something
    • restriction-a  rule that limits what you can do
    • detrimental-harmful
    • scapegoat-something made to get the blame
    • disrupt- stop or break up
    • censor- to remove parts thought to be offensive to the public
    • amendment- an addition to something