The following is a document written by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
    and it explains
    what a POS (program of Study) is and describes what a typical
    Electrical Technician would do on the job.

    All career and technical programs today are required to be certified as a POS.
    POS is replacing what was once known as Tech Prep.

    In addition to the tasks listed below, please read a detailed
    description of what the Electrical Technology
    Program at the HAZLETON AREA CAREER CENTER has to offer.
    The Electrical and Industrial Technology program teaches beyond what is required
    by the state of Pennsylvania.

    Below are three documents that outline the task list of the Electrical and Industrial Technology program.
    Additionally, a fourth document crosses each task to a  Pennsylvania Department of Education academic standard.
    Please click on eack area to see the details.
    --Mr. Sandutch