• Students in the Electrical Technology Class are learning state-of-the-art technology-PLC'S.  PLC'S (Programmable Logic Controllers) are computers that control any kind of process from motor controls to lighting systems. Students install and wire hardware, then build a program that downloads to the PLC.

    This skill is extremely valuable to the students because PLC'S are widely used in industry and anyone who is knowledgeable with PLC'S are considered an asset by most employers.  
    Students are currently learning Allen-Bradley® PLC systems where they control motors, pneumatic valves and cylinders, rotating bottle machines and are currently building a power control system for the lab.  The power control system controls all of the power in the lab by utilizing an Allen-Bradley SLC 500 PLC® and through the use of push buttons.  Safety is a main priority and is well integrated into the system.  In addition to the PLC, an Allen-Bradley PanelView® is being utilized.  A PanelView® is a graphic screen that is interfaced through the use of a touch screen. 
           Allen Bradley SLC 500® and PanelView®
    plc pv pv1