• Scheduling time is here!
    Counselors in the High School will be talking with 10th & 11th grade students starting April 8th.
    Guidance will help explain the scheduling process to the students and also give them the proper information to help with the selection of courses suited for their next school year. 
    There have been changes made to the Program of Studies Guide. We ask you to please review the guide to make sure you know what courses are being offered and the pre-requisites that apply.
    This time of the year can seem stressful and hectic as your child decides what direction he/she would like to take their academic career. Please be patient and we will do our best to help you through this process.
    There are few simple things to remember that will make this process go smoothly:
    Review, discuss/research, & submit.
    Review the "Program of Studies" selection guide & the course request work sheet.
    Discuss with your students what future courses may be suitable for them. Please re-exam their past performance and look at what courses are required and the prerequisites that apply. Also take this time to talk with your students about what they see themselves doing after graduation.
    Submit all the proper paper work to their guidance counselor. This will make it easier for us to help your child select his/her courses. Have your student  return their selection worksheet by the deadline - so entering their courses into the computer will be faster and more efficient.  
    Finally- sign the appropriate honors sheet if your student has selected an honors or AP course.
    Contact Guidance with any questions.