• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Lee 

       When students first enter the classroom, every day they will have a "Please Do Now" that they will work on. It will either be a review problem on material that was previously taught or on general math content. Students also need to be prepared everyday with their books, pencils, erasers, and notebooks. 
       Assignments will be written on the board and posted online. The children have a homework planner that they must take home every night.
       Sufficient time is usually given in class to begin these assignments. However, it might not hurt to see some of their work from time to time. This will account for 25% of the final grade.  
    Please provide a heathy snack each day
    **All students are expected to respect each other and adults every day!!**



    P: Showing PRIDE in school 

    R: Show RESPECT to everyone 

    I: Being their own INDIVIDUAL 

    D: Making positive DECISIONS

    E: Showing their best EFFORT

    “We are prepared and respectful individuals always making positive choices and doing our best!”

    Students can earn mustang money in several different ways. If students participate in classroom activities, discussions, and group work, mustang money would be rewarded. If students are showing respect to each other, teachers, and all adults throughout the school setting, again mustang money would be rewarded. Students earn two mustang dollars after completing their classroom job (changes every two weeks). Students also coming to class prepared with their books, pencils, homework, and planners would be rewarded with mustang money.