• Dear Families,

              I am sure we would all agree that children need a safe and positive climate in which to learn and grow. This letter will inform you of our classroom rules, positive recognition, and consequences for behaviors. I ask that you please read and review our classroom rules with your child and then sign and return our classroom discipline policy. 

              Our classroom rules are simplified by one word: respect. Respect for others, self, and property. All rules and expected and appropriate behaviors will be taught, modeled, and reinforced daily for behavior in the classroom, hallway, cafeteria, restroom, playground, at dismissal time, and on the bus.

              I ask that all families review our classroom rules and encourage appropriate behaviors and choices throughout the year. Thank you for your support and cooperation. I look forward to a safe, happy, and productive year in first grade.

    Our Class Rules

    1.   Listen to the teacher and others when they are speaking.

    2.   Raise your hand to speak. Wait to be called on. Do not interrupt the teacher or others.

    3.   Follow all rules and directions the first time they are given.

    4.   Work quietly and do not disturb others.

    5.   Use kind words and actions.

    6.   Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated. 

    Miss Onacko’s Positive Recognition for Good Behaviors

    1.    Verbal recognition

    2.    The class “Hooray” or “A-W-E-S-O-M-E” cheer

    3.     “My Teacher is Proud of Me” stickers, Citizenship Wristlets for doing “my personal best”, showing effort or kindness, following class rules, and exhibiting character

    4.    Marbles will be added to the class jar for expected and appropriate class behaviors. A short movie will be shown on a Friday afternoon when the marble jar is filled.

    5.    A note in your child’s planner

    6.    Postcards sent home to families to celebrate good behaviors, effort, and citizenship/character

    7.    Participation in weekly “Fun Friday” activities. Students who have colored orange or red on their Weekly Behavior Report will be excluded from Fun Friday activities. In addition, all homework assignments for the week must be completed for participation in Fun Friday activities.  However, if a student is absent during the week the student will be allowed to participate in Fun Friday activities if he/she does not have any orange or red colored boxes on their Weekly Behavior Report. Absent students will be allowed additional time over the weekend to complete any missed work or assignments. 

    I will be using a classroom behavior management system that will help students take responsibility for their own behavior in the classroom. A behavior clip chart will be used to track each child’s daily success. 

    Everyone begins each day on GREEN “READY TO LEARN”. As the day progresses, each student will move their clip up and down according to the choices they make. At the end of each day students will record/color their behavior on their Weekly Behavior Report. Each child will be responsible for his/her own log.  Weekly Behavioral Reports will be kept in the front plastic pocket of your child’s academic planner. Parents will be required to initial their child’s behavioral report daily. After a four week period, children will turn their Behavioral Report into the classroom “Stop and Drop” basket and a new log will be issued.       

    If students move their clip to PINK, or EXEMPLARY a special note will be sent home. Consistent EXEMPLARY behavior (five additional times achieving exemplary) will earn the student first a blue and then a yellow clothespin clip.  After five additional times on exemplary a glitter clip will be awarded!  SILVER glitter clips will then be followed by GOLD!  When a child becomes a member of the:"Glitter Club" they will be awarded a book by their teacher!           

    Students who move to PURPLE are being great ROLE MODELS.

    If students move their clip to BLUE, they are going above and beyond, TAKING PRIDE in their work and making smart choices!

    All students begin the day on GREEN showing they are READY TO LEARN. Students will move their clips up or down during the day depending on the choices they make.

    YELLOW is a reminder that students need to THINK ABOUT IT and make smart choices and follow the classroom rules. 

    When a child moves their clip to ORANGE they take a five minute break from the group and/or activity. The teacher will meet privately with the child to discuss their behavior and how to make better and more appropriate choices. Any child who moves their clip to orange will receive a five minute time out at recess. 

    If a student moves to RED parents will be contacted and/or the student will be sent to the office. The child will also complete a “Think Sheet”. The student will draw and write in “kid writing” what rule/rules were broken. The student and teacher will meet privately to discuss the incident and ways to make better choices. “Think Sheets” will be sent home for a parent signature and returned to the classroom “Stop and Drop” basket the following day. Any child who moves their clip to red will receive a five minute time out at recess.

    Any student that moves their clip onto orange or red will receive a five minute time out at recess time. In adherence with our district’s “Wellness Policy”, no child will be excluded from activity at recess. If a child moves their clip to orange or red the child will walk three/orange or four/red laps on the small blacktop area of the enclosed K-1 playground. Laps will be walked at the child’s own pace.  A brief, private discussion between teacher and child regarding their behavior will occur afterward and before a child begins to play. Parents are asked to review our classroom rules with their child and discuss appropriate behaviors and making good choices.   


    ****Serious infractions to the classroom rules will be immediately sent to the principal’s office. In accordance with the district’s anti-bullying policy, bullying of any kind will not be tolerated, At the discretion of the classroom teacher and/or principal, a student may be excluded from recess due to his/her classroom behavior.


    Classroom Discipline Policy


    I have read and reviewed the classroom rules with my child. We agree to follow the rules in first grade and help make our classroom and school community a safe and happy place to learn and grow.



    Parent/Guardian Signature and Date




               Student Signature



    Please have your child return this signature sheet to school tomorrow and place in the “Stop and Drop” basket. Parents are asked to review the classroom rules daily and discuss making good choices. I ask for your help and support throughout the school year to help make our classroom and school community a safe and happy place where all can learn and grow. Thank you for your support and cooperation.