• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Rogan

    Course Descriptions: Biology 1A & Biology 1B are designed to give you a better understanding of the world around you by exploring the aspects of biology.  The following content will be covered in each course.
    Biology 1A
    • Unit 1: Basics of Biology
    • Unit 2: Ecology
    • Unit 3: Humans and the Environment
    • Unit 4: Genetics and Inheritance
    • Unit 5: Evidence of Evolution
    • Unit 6: Mechanisms of Evolution

    Biology 1B:

    • Unit 1: Chemical Basis for Life
    • Unit 2: Cellular Structure and Function
    • Unit 3: Bioenergetics: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
    • Unit 4: Cellular Growth and Reproduction
    • Unit 5: DNA and Protein Synthesis
    • Unit 6: Taxonomy 
    Class Guidelines: 
    1. Follow the one universal, basic rule for life: Respect ! Show respect for yourself, your classmates, and teacher at all times!
    2. Always BE PREPARED ! Come to class with your textbook, pen/pencil, notebook, and folder/three ring binder.
    3. Be on time! You cannot be late to class. Being late is defined as not having your whole body inside the classroom when the bell is finished ringing.
    4. Cells phone are to be on silent and put away!
    5. Follow all general school rules listed in the handbook. 
    6. Ask Questions ! Learn! Have fun !!!

    Specific Policies:


    Absences and Make-Up work- You are responsible for material and assignments covered in class regardless of your absence. You have the number of days you were absent fromt he day you return to make up the work. It is your responsibility to go to the "While you were out!" folder to get your missed work. If you miss a test or quiz, you will be expected to make up that test or quiz on the day you return. 
    Academic Integrity- Cheating/Plagiarism-This is quite simple ! DO YOUR OWN WORK!!! Any person caught violating these guidlines will receive a zero on that particular assignment unless other arrangements are made.
    Extra Help: If you need extra help, see me. Ask for help before you get behind and it is too late. Please, come see me !