• Sketchbook:
    (PDN for our art class)
    Every week I will assign you a new sketchbook but here are some extra for you to do on your own.
    Stay creative !!!
    The More you draw the better you get.
    List 1
    1. Draw a Cookout
    2.Draw a Fall Tree
    3.Draw Fall leaves
    4. Draw a Pumpkin or a (Jack-o-Lantern)
    5. Draw a Haunted House (or Your House)
    6. Draw a Fire Truck
    7. Draw a halloween costume (or Design an Outfit)
     8 Draw A Turkey
    9. Draw a Flag
    10. Draw your favorite food. (Yummy!)
    11. Happy Thanksgiving!
    On Your Own: Draw Something
    You are Grateful for.
    12. Draw a toy
    13. Draw a Christmas tree. ( or a tree)
    14. Draw Frosty or Frostine the snowmen.
    (or Draw Yourself in Snow Attire)
    15. Draw Santa (or Draw a person)
    16.Draw A house in the winter.
    17. Draw a snowy day.
    18.Draw a pattern
    19. Draw something using the cool colors of blue, green, and Violet
    20.Draw something using the warm colors or Red, Orange, Yellow
    21.Draw different Types of Lines: curly, straight, zig-zag, ect...
    22. Draw different types of texture: tree, bark, Fur, water, glass, sand
    List 2
    1. Draw Penguins
    2. Draw Polar Bears
    3. Draw Fish
    4.Draw a school.
    5.Draw hearts
    6. Draw yourself.
    7.Draw Flowers.
    8.Draw the sun and moon.
    9.Draw a Rainbow.
    10. Draw Shamrocks and 4 Leaf Clovers.
    (or Draw Lady Bugs)
    11.Draw a Spring Picture.
    12.Draw a Silly Picture.
     13.Draw Butterflies
    14.Draw Bunnies.
    15.Draw a Garden.
    16. Draw Fruit
    17.Draw Birds.
    18.Draw Umbrellas.
    19.Draw an Island.
    20. Draw a Picnic.
    21.Draw an Under the Sea Picture.
    22. Draw a Postcard.
    List 3
    More Adavanced
    Draw Someone Important to you.
    Draw a Fictional character
    Challenge Yourself: Draw something you Struggle drawing. (Examples: Hands, Faces....)
    Fill a page with different Emojjiis. These Emojjis should show emmotion.
    Design a pattern that reminds you of a summer beach.
    Draw the Cover to your Favorite Book.
    Draw somewhere you would like to visit.
    Find a Tree and draw it. Study the leaves and bark.
    Draw or invent a bird from your Imagination.
    Draw your home either from the outside or inside.
    Draw What you see outside your window
    Draw some mugs or glasses you have in your house
    Design a T-Shirt
    Design a mask (either for a costume or Covid 19)


       All Sketchbooks should fill the page and be done in pencil. This is to keep you sharp, and is in case you are bored. If you choose to color or do more, great. During this time away from school, any creativity is encouraged. Your parents may have an art background and may be able to show you things we could not do in school. If your resources are limited use what you have.(toothpicks, glue, anything….) Building with Legos, playing with toys, taking pictures, looking at clouds, go outside and draw with chalk, origami, planting, baking, trace pictures using the window light, knitting, and drawing, and writing are great. Wallmart, Michael’s, and the Dollar Store have quick little coloring books, soap kits, paint kits and seasonal items available too.

    These are for Enrichment Only!!