Grading Procedures
    Grades are based on a points system:
    - All classwork and homework: 5-50 points
     - Projects and presentations: 30-100 points
    - Quizzes and tests: 10-100 points 
    Grading distribution:
    -  25% Class work, homework, and PDNs (Assignments)
    - 20% Quizzes (Quizzes) 
    -  30% Tests and Projects (Tests)
    -  25% Midterm and Final Exams (Final Exam)
     Make-up Work Policy
       - If you are absent for you any reason, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make up any missed work. 
       - Students will have two days to make up missed work.
       -  If a student is absent three or more days, a schedule will be arranged to make up the work.
       - If you missed a quiz or test, see me immediately to schedule a retake.
       - Any work not made up in the allotted amount of time will be entered in as a zero.