• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. Beuhring



    Class assignments will be given daily.  Any class assignment that is not complete at the end of the live session must be completed by 7:00am the next day to receive credit.

    Attendance will be recoded through the completion of daily assignments.

    Some assignments will be given a specific due date at which time students are to turn in the completed work. 

    Any student missing an assignment or test due to an excused absence of 1-3 days will be given the same number of days as the absence to make up the missed work including tests and quizzes.  An absence longer than 3 days will be addressed by school principal. 



    1. Students are to arrive to class on time. If you are having problems logging in to Microsoft Teams or the live session, email Mr. Beuhring and explain the issue. (beuhringb@hasdk12.org) 

    2. It is the student’s responsibility to gain an understanding for how to use Microsoft Teams. Mr. Beuhring’s procedures for your class will be explained and helpful tutorials for using the application will be available.  

    3. If you are using a school owned laptop, remember to respect your equipment. You are responsible for it! 

    4. During a live sessionone person speaks at a time. If you have a question or comment, please raise your hand, or leave a message in the chat. 

    5. Inappropriate behaviors and actions during live sessions may result in a student being removed from the session and the student’s grade level principal being contacted. All inappropriate posts, comments, and chats will be sent directly to the grade level principal.  

    *Teachers and principals can see any student content, even after it is deleted* 


    6. When attending live sessions, you should be listening and engaged in the lesson not involved in other activities. 

    7. Some live sessions may be recorded, but most content will be recorded by Mr. Beuhring outside of the live sessions and posted within the Team. 

    8. During your scheduled class time you will be required to attend the meeting posted within our Microsoft Team. If you do not have access to internet/technology on a regular basis you need to inform Mr. Beuhring. 

    9. ALL STUDENTS will respect each other, the teacher, any substitute teacher, and any administrator that attends a live session or interacts through commenting and posting in Microsoft Teams.  Improper behavior will not be tolerated. Improper behavior will result in disciplinary measures and certain privileges may be revoked 

    10. At times, Mr. Beuhring may dismiss the class early so students can work on specific activities, projects, or assignments. Although you can log off the live session, Mr. Beuhring will remain in the meeting until the class period is scheduled to end to answer any questions and assist students. You will be able to rejoin the meeting to receive any help. 

    11. Questions or issues with classwork should first be posted to your collaboration group channel. If additional help is needed ask in class or email Mr. Beuhring (beuhringb@hasdk12.org). 



    1. Posts and comments should be relevant to the topic, question, or the class. You are not in a private chatroom. Posting and commenting is the same as making a statement to the entire class. 

    2. Reply to existing posts and threads. Do not start new conversations, unless you are asking a question or for help. 

    3. Be polite. 

    • Write in full sentences with proper grammar. If I cannot understand what you are asking or stating in a comment or post, you will not receive credit for it. 

    • No slang or text lingo. Everything includes spell check in Microsoft Teams, so use it! 

    • Ask questions respectfully

    • Thank others when they help you. (response or thumbs up)

    4. Be helpful. 

    • Answer each other’s questions and work through problems together. 

    • Simply giving out answers will result in a 0 for that assignment. 



    With everyone behaving responsibly and following the guidelines, this course will run smoothly and we will have an enjoyable class.