• Grading Procedures for
    Madame Bunney-Nejman
    Grading Procedures - Each student's grade is broken down into the following categories:
                25%       -->      Classwork 
                25%       -->     Quizzes & Projects
                20%       -->     Tests
                30%       -->     Midterm and Final Exam
    Absences - If a student is not present for class, they will be marked absent. 
    Testing Procedures - Students will be assessed frequently in my classes using small quizzes, oral exams, speaking activities, projects, and unit tests. When it is time for a unit test, the students will be provided with ample time to review in class with the teacher, playing games and practicing the language. With proper participation in class and an appropriate amount of studying, each student should be able to succeed on French quizzes, oral exams, projects, and unit tests. 
    Cheating - I have a zero tolerance for cheating. If a student is caught cheating on a quiz, unit test, or final exam, he/she will receive a zero.   
    Online Translators - A student who attempts to use any online translator (Bing, Babylon, Google, FreeTranslation, PROMT, etc.) for homework or projects will be given a zero on the assignment. I do not wish to see the capabilities of a machine; I want to see how each student understands the language and how they can produce it on their own