• BIO 1A – 1B Syllabus


    Instructor: Mr. Hanczyc                                                          Room 213

    Course: BIO 1A - 1B

    Text: Prentice Hall Biology - Miller and Levine - 2004

    Email: hanczyca@hasdk12.org



    Course Description: This is a Biology course that consists of two separate semester classes. BIO 1A will focus on Ecology and Evolution, and BIO 1B will focus on Cellular and Molecular biology. BIO 1A is a prerequisite for BIO 1B, whereas the second class, BIO 1B, will trigger the Keystone State Biology Exam. Mastery of concepts and skills in both classes will be necessary to pass Keystone Biology.



    Homework / Classwork: Homework will be assigned daily to review concepts, facts, and to prepare for quizzes, tests and laboratory research. Homework as well as other assignments will be posted on the Homework board in the front of the classroom. Students that are absent can check missed assignments on the homework board. If a student does not fully complete an assignment or copies and an assignment, he/she will receive a zero. Once a student receives a zero, the homework cannot be made up. Homework grades are based on completeness.



    Binders: A Biology Binder (notebook, journal, folder) must be brought to class everyday.   Note taking is essential to test preparation and homework. There will be supplemental note handouts that are NOT in the text book in which students will be required to know for their tests. All notebooks must be maintained for success in the course. Any notes on a handout must be saved and turned in with the notebook check. If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for making up or obtaining the notes. Using a binder is an efficient method for organizing, filing, and keeping all science materials.



    Quizzes/Tests:   All tests will be announced 5 days in advance.   Quizzes may be announced 1-5 days in advance.   There will always be a review day before every test.  No new material will be given the day before a test. Students absent on a review day will be required to take the test with the rest of the class on the day of the test. If the student is present for review day and absent on the test day, he/she will be required to take the test the first day he/she returns. If a student is absent more than one day, he or she will be given as many days as he/she was absent to make up the test. If the student fails to make up the test within that period, he/she will receive a zero. Once a test is announced, It is the student’s responsibility to begin taking home his/her notebook everyday.   This ensures that the in the event of a student being absence, the student will not use a lack of a study materials at home as an excuse for not taking the test with the rest of the class. 


    Extra Credit:   Each quarter a student may turn in one extra credit project on a topic covered that quarter.  Completion of the extra credit project will result in points added onto the quarter grade. Projects may vary in creativity, design, and construction. The due date is 2 weeks before the end of the marking period. No Exceptions (even absences). 


    Lab reports: Each experiment will require a legibly written or typed lab report. If the lab is performed in a group then each member of the group must contribute equally to the lab report. If a student is absent for a lab, then the student must complete a one-page written report on the topic of that lab.  


    Projects: Students can expect project work in which students will work in groups and give presentations on assimilated information learned through out the course.


    Class Participation: A class participation grade will be awarded daily for students that are on time, prepared, paying attention, directly participating and cooperating in class. Daily points are deducted for tardiness, behavior, and unpreparedness.   


    Official School District Grading: 


    93-100             A

    85-92               B

    77-84               C

    70-76               D

    69-0                 F



                - Be on time to class.

                - Be prepared every day (Pencil, Textbook, Notebook, Homework, etc.)

                - Be attentive, respectful, and responsive.

                - Behavior follows school policy.