• Welcome to kindergarten! I am looking forward to a wonderful year with both you and your child. Here are some important notes to help prepare everyone for the upcoming year.


    1. SNACK - Please provide a healthy snack each day. You may also send a drink if you wish. They do have access to the fountain. A lunchbox is a great idea. If your child is also bringing his/her lunch, please show your child which is “snack” and which is “lunch”.


    2. HOMEWORK- Please sign and return all homework the next day. Typically I give homework Monday through Thursday.       I do not give homework over the weekend. I believe that this time should be saved for the family. The amount of homework given per week will vary.


    3. FOLDERS- The parent/teacher communication folder will be the folder your child will use all year. The inside is labeled so that both you and your child will know which papers to keep at home and which papers to send back. Please check and empty the folder daily.


    4. PERSONAL ITEMS- Please put first and last names on all personal possessions in order to avoid any confusion. (especially crayons and pencil boxes)


    5. PARENT DROP OFFS/PICK -UPS- A dismissal form is included in the packet. Please fill out the form by the first day of school so that I know how your child will be getting me from school.   If your child regularly takes the bus but will be picked up for a special reason, a note will be required.


    6. ABSCENCES- Please send in an excuse upon your child’s return to school.


    7. MEDICAL INFORMATION- Please notify me of any medical conditions that you feel I should be aware of. (allergies, etc.) All information will be kept confidential.


    8. BIRTHDAYS- You may send in a healthy snack for your child’s birthday if you wish! (yogurt, animal crackers, pretzels, etc.) Due to the nutrition guidelines for our district, no sweets such as cookies, cupcakes, or homemade treats are permitted for birthdays.


     9. DRESS CODE- Please follow the district dress code. No jeans are permitted and all students must wear a collared shirt unless it is a sweater or a dress.