• Classroom Procedures for
    Miss Poplawski

    Gym Rules:
    Little Arrow ALWAYS do your best.
    Little Arrow Change for physical education/swimming classes.
    Little Arrow Sneakers must be worn in order to participate!
    Little Arrow NO loose clothing or jewelry can be worn during class
    Little Arrow NO cellphones, earbuds, etc in the gym.
    Little Arrow NO Gum
    Little Arrow Foul Language is unacceptable
    Little Arrow Make up any missed work from days that you are absent.

    *Topics taught*

    9th grade:
    22 days health (sexual education)
    22 days swimming
    11 days volleyball
    11 days basketball
    11 days team sports (Soccer, Frisbee, Football, Kickball and Tennis)
    11 days fitness (weight lifting and cardiovascular)

    10th grade:
    22 days swimming
    22 days team sports ((Soccer, Frisbee, Football, Kickball and Tennis)
    11 days health (drugs and alcohol)
    11 days volleyball
    11 days basketball
    11 days fitness (weight lifting and cardiovascular)


    When you do not have gym clothes...
    Little Arrow 1st time not changed - 2 points off grade (if wearing sneakers he/she will still be able to participate in class)
    Little Arrow 2nd time not changed - 4 points off grade and a parent note will be sent home to be signed and returned
    Little Arrow 3rd time not changed - 9 points off grade and sent to grade level Vice Principal
    Tardy to class with no pass...
    Little Arrow 2 points off EACH day. Administration will be notified if this is a reoccuring issue.
    Cell phone violation...
    Little Arrow 1st time - 2 points off, taken and will be given back at the end of period
    Little Arrow 2nd time and son on -2 points off and will be sent to grade level office to pick up at the end of the school day (2:35pm) 

    Class Champions*

                      Period 1/2 Volleyball Tournament Champions

    Pictured left to right Darlin C, Mathews C, Marco F, Zy'e B, Hailey C, Megan S, Noah B

          Period 3/4  Volleyball Tournament Champions
    Pictured left to right: Antonio J, Anderson R, Wilfredo B, Leslie T, Janina L, Maritza H, Anyelisa L

    Period 5/6 2020  *3v3 Basketball Coed Tournament Champions*
    Pictured left to right: Jim B, Stephane D, Jeremy R

    Period 5/6 2020 *4v4 Basketball Coed Tournament Champions*

    Pictured left to right: Solangie V, Nicole R, Ashley S, Jhonalbert B