Our Class Schedule
    (unless special trip planned)

    Regular Day Schedule:

       8:40-9:05-      Homeroom, or Breakfast, Attendance
       9:05-9:45-      Bathroom Break, Changing, Prepare for Circle Time
       9:50-10:30-    Am Session with Ms. Candice
                            Afternoon Star Group in Centers or Inclusion Activity
       10:30-11:10-  Teacher Planning Period, Arts/Crafts with Para or Centers
       11:10-11:55-    Para 1 Lunch/ Lunch in classroom for 3rd
       grade students, Snack break for other students
        11:50-12:20-    6th grade lunch             
       12:30-  Teacher Lunch, Para 1 finishes Arts Crafts and Karina Lunch with Para
        12:30-1:15-      Para 2 Lunch

        12:30-1:15-      One on One or Small Group teaching , 5th grade lunch

          1:15-2:00-        PM Stars Group Session 

          1:15-2:00-       3rd Grade Lunch

          2:00-2:40-        Afternoon Recess, or Snack, Brush Teeth, Wash hands, 

          2:40-3:20-        End of Day Changing, Cleanup, Dismissal

    Jaineliz working during station time