Our book selection is entitled Fun With Maps.
                                                           Education is the most powerful weapon which
    you can use to change the world."
    Nelson Mandela 1918-2013
    Week of December 4, 2017
    Please check your child's planner each evening for homework and initial planner after work is complete.  Discuss making good choices and reinforce expected behaviors.  Planners will be checked daily as the children enter their nightly homework.  Shalom.
    Our spelling words for the week are whip, whale, catch, match, chin, graph, shop, with, many, around, *globe, *Earth, *world.  See!  Spell!  Say! Practice every day!  
    *spelling words 2X each
    *reread Nell's Books
    The weekly fluency piece will resume after the holiday.  Beginning next week the children will be involved in a Reading-Writing Workshop!
    ***For safety reasons, please reinforce our rule of placing the pencil flat on the desk when not writing.  An accident can happen very quickly.  Thank you.
    Our high frequency words for the week are around, place, by, walk, many.  Please have your child put our words on his/her o-ring and practice nightly!  
    *spelling pgs 47-48
    *Math WS "Make a Ten"
     Ask your child "What does a good listener look like?"  What does "taking pride in your work" mean?  I know that working together, we can make our classroom and school community a safe and happy place where we can all learn and grow. 
    Please review our classroom rules with your child.  Discuss being a good listener and following directions the first time they are given.  Please also discuss making good choices and showing expected behavior.  BEST is expected! 
    *Math pg 285-286
    *Read and discuss our nonfiction selection
    "Which Way on the Map?"
    *clap, spell, cheer our spelling words
    Please discuss "BEST" behaviors.  It is important that we make good choices in first grade!   "BEST" behaviors are school wide expected behaviors.  Being our best will help everyone stay safe and ensure that we all can learn and grow. 
    *Math pgs 291-292
    *Spelling test
    *Read and discuss our nonfiction selection Fun with Maps.
    Dress Down Day tomorrow with a $1.00 donation to the Valley Food Pantry. 
    Please continue to review our classroom rules and expected behaviors with your child.  What does a good listener look like?  Please discuss with your child the importance of doing his/her personal best, taking pride in their work, and treating others with respect and kindness.  I know that working together, we can make our classroom a safe and happy place where we all can learn and grow.  Shalom.