• DEMS General Music Class Policies & Procedures

    Classroom Rules
    Make good choices
    Use kind words
    Show respect
    Involve yourself
    Care for our room & instruments
    1st-2nd: Students are graded on general effort and behavior, and on skill development.
                  N=needs improvement
    3rd-6th: 25% Class Participation
                 25% Class assignments/written work (includes notebook)
                 50% Performance and Effort (includes concert grade)
         **3rd - 6th Concert Grades**
             Your child's participation in the grade level concert counts as a performance test grade. Grades are calculated as follows:
             A = 100%  Participates in concert and rehearsals/no behavior warnings.
             B = 92%    Participates in concert and rehearsals/1 behavior warning.
             C = 84%    Participates in concert and rehearsals/2 behavior warnings.
             D = 76%    Absent from concert without excuse and/or 3 behavior warnings during rehearsal time.
             F = 69%    4 or more behavior warnings during concert reherasls.
             A student with an excused absence from school on the day of the concert will receive a 94% as their highest score for this performance test grade. This score will drop accordingly with the accumulation of any behavior warnings throughout the rehearsal period.