Dear Second Grade Parents/ Guardians,

      WELCOME to the 2022-2023 school year! I hope you had a wonderful summer! Here are some helpful reminders for you as your child enters second grade:

      Folders/ Backpacks­- Students can use clear backpacks only! Check your child's homework folder daily! The "Keep at Home" side contains papers that must be kept at home and emptied every day. The "Return to School" side is for homework and forms that must be completed/signed and returned to school.

      Homework- A small amount of homework will be assigned. Homework is important as it is a reinforcement of what is being taught and learned in class each day. Homework must be completed/signed and returned the following day.

      Snack- Please provide your child with a small, nutritious snack daily. You may send a drink as well, but please make sure it is in a plastic bottle.

      Class work- Reading- At the beginning of every unit an overview will be placed in the back of the teacher/parent communication folder.  Please go over this nightly.  There will be announced vocabulary and grammar tests throughout the month. Spelling-  Please practice the spelling words daily. They can be found on the overview page located on the back of your child's folder. I will also place the spelling words on my website. Spelling tests will be given weekly.  Math- We will have a test at the end of each chapter. Grammar- Tests will be announced ahead of time. 

      Specials- We will have gym, art, music, library, computer lab, and recess (as weather permits).

      Walkers/ Parent Pick-Up- If your child is normally a "busser" and will be changing to a "walker" or "parent pick-up" at dismissal, you MUST send me a note. If I do not have a note, your child will be sent home by bus. Thank you!

      Daily Reading- Please read to your child and have your child read to you daily! This is an enjoyable experience and will help your child become a better reader. Children need to practice reading daily to improve word recognition, word decoding skills, and fluency. Our class will participate in Scholastic Book Orders. They will be sent home and families will have the option to purchase wonderful books for their children while helping our classroom earn books! Thank you for your support!

      Supplies- I have started each student out with crayons, a pencil, and eraser. For the remainder of the year, please have these items on hand as your child needs them to be replaced. Also, you may send your child with tissues and hand sanitizer if you choose. We welcome any of these items for our classroom if you are able to send them for class use. Thank you!

      *If anyone would like to send class supplies, cleaning supplies, paper towels, hand sanitizer, boxes of tissues, etc. we welcome them at any time!  Thank you for your donation to our classroom!

      Website- Please check our school website, and specifically class page regularly for updates, events, reminders, homework, and important information.

      *Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. Likewise, I will contact you should an issue arise. Thank you for your time and effort in helping your child be prepared for second grade. Encourage them to show PRIDE every day in and out of school! Our classroom will be one of respect, cooperation, and structure. Together, we will have a fun and successful school year! I look forward to working with you and your child!