• Middle School Art Classroom Procedures
    COVID Online Instruction Procedures:
    • Students will log on to Microsoft Teams during their normally scheduled class times.
    • Some "studio time" during students' regularly scheduled class time will be set aside during the week a project is announced. Any project not completed during class time must be done outside of class time. Major projects will take around 3-4 hours to complete, whereas smaller projects will take about 1 hour.
    • Students will complete all their projects in a sketchbook that must be purchased by the second week of class. It should be 8.5"x11" (standard printer paper size) or larger. Please keep in mind, students will be required to completely fill the space on their paper so staying around the 8.5"x11" size would be best, unless your student enjoys making larger pieces. 


    In-Person Classroom Procedures:
    Every day, students will be expected to enter quietly, get their projects out, and begin work on their current assignment. Most class periods will be "studio time" in which students can continue work on an already-begun project. If a student finishes early, they may free draw, color in coloring sheets, read a book, borrow a How to Draw book, help around the art room, or do a worksheet. During the last 5 minutes of class, all students will help put away supplies and clean the art room. I believe strongly in the philosophy of Eastern educators that students should be responsible for the care of their workspace. By teaching them to respect their classroom and materials by having an active part in taking care of them, I believe it makes each student feel like an important part of the classroom, promotes pride in hard work, and in turn makes for responsible citizens of the future.