• COUGARS Classroom Expectations

    Cell phones and other electronic devices (earbuds) need to be put away during class. They need to be placed in the holder on my desk at the beginining of class.  If they are seen, they will be confiscated.

    On time is the best way to come to class. Once you enter class, sit in your assigned seat and complete the PDN (Day #1 = write the words, Day #2= Quizlet on laptops, Day #3 = Word Work, Day #4 = Quiz on laptops, Day #5 = brain break).

    Utilize appropriate behavior in the classroom: Raise your hand, No food, No drinks (water bottles are ok), Use indoor voices.

    Get a pass to leave the classroom. You need to ask permission and I will write you a pass.  Only 1 person is allowed out at a time, return pass when you come back.

    Always come prepared for class. You need to bring your notebook and writing utensil every day.

    Respect everyone and everything in the classroom at all times. This room is small, keep your hands to yourself.  Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated.

    Stay in your seat until you are dismissed from class. Do not line up at the door.