• Testing Procedures
      Aimsweb: Aimsweb is a progress monitoring and benchmarking assessment that is used to assess reading and math fluency. In reading, students read  passages for one minute. After a  baseline and goal are established (on a particular grade level), the student reads passages weekly  (throughout the school year) for one minute in order to reach his/her goal. In math, students solve a variety of computation problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) or  application/concept problems (word problems, time, money, charts, fractions, etc.) After a baseline and goal are established, the student will solve problems every other week (throughout the school year) in order to reach his/her goal.
      When it is time for a student's IEP, he/she is tested using the Jerry Johns Reading Inventory and the G-MADE (group mathematics assessment and diagnostic evaluation). A description of the tests are:
    Jerry Johns Reading Inventory: This assessment provides the educator with a student's independent, instructional, and frustration level of decoding words and also of reading comprehension. The student is first asked to read graded word lists which will give decoding levels. Next, the student is asked to read graded passages. He/she will then answer 8-10 questions to assess their understanding of the passage. This will yield the comprehension levels.  
    G-MADE: This assessment provides educator with a student's strengths and weaknesses on a variety of math skills. The assessment is given based on the student's grade level. The assessment contains three sections. The first section is Concepts and Communication. It concentrates on math vocabulary. The second section is Operations and Computation. In this section, the student solves different types of math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions). The third section is Process and Applications. This sections contains word problems in which the student must determine the type of computation required and then solve the problem.