• Upcoming Class Projects

    Quadrilateral Project Done in class after test 10/17 and all day 10/18 (Must be taken home if not completed at end of class)

    Due 10/21  

    Quad project pg 1quad project pg2quad project pg3Quad project pg4,Quad project pg 5


    Pest Poster for Science Class

    Due Nov 14, 2019 We will work on in class each day up until and including Wednesday, Nov 13th. If not completed by then, it will be homework and due in class the following day (Nov 14th).

    Students are asked to bring in a poster board for their project by Monday Nov. 11th.

    Students will receive full credit for including all information required (as listed in rubric), however, they are encouraged to add any information they feel is relevant.

    Rubric for poster