•  HTEMS, MMEMS and WHEMS Instrumental Music
    • Students have the opportunity to begin instrumental music lessons in the 4th grade year.  Instruments available for instruction are flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, baritone, trombone, tuba and percussion (drums and mallet percussion.)
    • Band students receive one 30 minute lesson each week.  They are placed in a group according to their ability level and follow a rotating schedule each week.  Band lessons are given during the school day, but because of the rotating schedule, they will not miss the same class each week.
    • Grading is based on the child's practice at home and their performance in their instrumental lesson each week.  Students are required to fill out a chart of their practice times each week.  The goal for the week is 120 minutes.  Charts must be signed by a parent before they are handed in for review.  If a child reaches 120 minutes of practice for the week, they will receive a sticker on the band practice wall.  After 5 stickers are reached, a prize is awarded.  A prize will also be rewarded if a child has perfect attendance in both band rehearsal and lessons for the entire school year.
    • Students who have played in the band progrm for one full year will become members of the Advanced Band.  Advanced Band rehearses once a week, during the school day.  Beginner students are members of the Beginner Band until the teacher determines that they are ready to move up to the Advanced Group. Beginner Band will begin rehearsing as a group after the Christmas holiday.  Advanced Band students are required to participate in two concerts each year in December and May.  Beginner Band students participate in the Spring Concert only.


     Instrumental Music Paperwork