• Curriculum Overview  


         Within each theme students will read, discuss, and complete assessments on a variety of genres. Students will be required to take a vocabulary quiz on the key terms discussed within the story as well as an overall test of key skills emphasized in class. Students will be given study guides for all tests and ample notice of any upcoming assessments.

         Students will be given a spelling list every other Monday. The test will usually be given on the Friday of that week, unless severe weather conditions or other circumstances cause for a postponement of the test until the next school day. In preparing for the test,  students will be required to write each word 5 times each and use each word correctly in a sentence. These assignments are required to be turned in for a homework grade on the given due date. 


         All grammar skills that we will be working on will reinforce the skills addressed in the English curriculum.  Our focus will be to help students become effective writers through the development of grammar usage and sentence structure.


         Students will be expected to compose various types of writing pieces. This is in preparation for high school.