• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Natt

    Daily Routine:
    • Class begins with a PDN (Please Do Now) Assignment which may include Journal Writing, Daily Language Practice, Handwriting Practice, etc.
    • The previous day's homework and/or lesson is checked and reviewed
    • A new lesson is taught or an activity is completed.

    Required Materials

    The following is a list of materials that students will need at all times in order to be successful in my classroom:

                     Silent Reading Book

                     Clearly Defined Notebook for Each Subject

                     Daily Homework Log


                     Pencils and Erasers

                     Homework/ Assignments Due

         Students will NOT be permitted to travel back to their homeroom to get any materials that they have forgotten to bring with them.  Starting October 4th, any student who is not prepared for class will be given a writing assignment and detention if the behavior continues given that the disruption is hindering the right for a teacher to teach and students to learn.