• Distance Learning will move forward very soon.  To prepare for this, you need to sign up for Schoology.  That is where my virtual classroom will exist!

      *Chrome works best with Schoology

      To sign up for Schoology,

      • Click the following link: Schoology.com
      • Click on Sign up at the top of the page
      • Click Student
      • Use the following access code that corresponds to your class period
        • Period 1-2  36Q2-ZRV2-GHTMG
      • Type in your first and last name
      • Use your district login for your username and password
      • Add in your correct birthday
      • Click the box that says Register

       When logging in after signing up, type in your username and password. It will ask for your postal code. Type in 18201. Then click Hazleton Area High School as the school. 





    For each days "class":

    1) Choose one or two warm ups.  Sing.

    2) Practice your part on one of our songs.  Try doing a small portion each dy instead of doing the whole thing all at once.  Later, learning tracks and music will be made available.  Also, if we are still closed, solfeggio sight singing and rhythm drills will be added.

    Concert Choir Listening/Learning/Singing:                                                     Vocal Warm ups:

    (Performance Repertoire)

    A Festive Alleluia Lightfoot                                                                             Alfred the Alligator

    Riversong Beck                                                                                             Bee Ay Bay

    What a Wonderful World Robinson                                                                  Quarentine Vocal Exercise 1

    Lean On Me Emerson

    One World Althouse

    Hamilton Heights DeSpain

    Mr. Blue Sky Emerson

    Take On Me Emerson

    High Hopes Beck

    Million Reasons Snyder

    I Lived Narverud

    I am Still Your Dreamer PinkZebra