• Hello Freeland Family!  On this page you will see weekly challenges!  We encourage you to try them out!  Have fun! 

    Mrs. Budda

    Week of May 26th - 29th

    Check out this Star Wars Training Workout!  Just click on the link below!  Have Fun!



    Week of May 18th - 22nd

    Try this tabata video out.  Tabata is high intensity interval training.  It is a brief, quick paced form of exercise.  Tabata has been found to help children perform better on tasks involving the working memory and cognitive control. 

    Just click on the link below!

    Old Town Road (Tabata Workout for kids):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWgH4HSNnLY



    Week of May 11th-15th



              Week 1

              Grades K-2 can try the skills for 30 seconds.

              Grades 3-5 can try the skills for 60 seconds.

              Grades 6-8 can try the skills for 100 seconds.