• Mozart

    You probably already know that my favorite classical composer is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I think I may have mentioned him a few dozen times in class, lol. What's not to like? His music is known and loved all over the world! There is actually a CD of Mozart's music for babies! He is one of the smartest human beings to ever live. He could hear a song once and play it without the music! He rarely edited his music. He heard it in his head and wrote it down. Imagine if you tried to write a story and never changed anything because it was perfect! I think you get the idea.

    Here is your mission. You are going to gather some facts about Herr Mozart. Herr is German for Mister, and Mozart's first language was German. Read the short biography in the link below.

    Next, you are going to listen to one of Mozart's famous pieces for piano. It is titled, "Piano Sonata No. 11 in A: Turkish Rondo". You might recognize the melody. Analzye what you are hearing by following the listening guide provided in the link. You will be listening to Rondo form.

    Finally, print out page three of the link and complete the word find with some musical terms you will recognize. There is also a review of dynamics. Color the hot air balloon using the color code provided.


    Here is the link for the biography, listening guide, and activities.

    Here is the link for the listening example, Piano Sonata No. 11 in A: Turkish Rondo.