• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Lagana's class

    Class Procedures:

    ·         Arrive to class on time. Walking into class after bell rings will result in a late slip.

    ·         When you come into class, get your notebook, Rbook, folder and a pen or pencil.

    ·         Take notice to the daily agenda, student objectives, and standards listed on the board; as well as the rotation board.

    ·         Go directly to your assigned seat.

    ·         Begin your PDN.

    ·         Attendance will be taken.

    ·         Class will be taught as a whole group session for 20 minutes. A timer will be set to notify students when to switch rotations.

    ·         Then students will begin their sessions at each of three rotations (Small group, Independent Reading, Computers) for 20 minutes each session.

    ·         Class will end with a 6 minute wrap up/re-organization of room.

    ·         Students must sign out when leaving the room for any reason and have a pass from the teacher

    ·         Stay in the rotation until the timer goes off; if you need assistance raise your hand until a teacher calls on you