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    Online Instruction

    Subject: Introduction to Online PE Course

    Class Period(s): All Class Periods

    Teacher Message: 

    Hi Everyone! We are going to be dicussing the sturcture of learning physical education online. This is new for all of us! Everyone stay calm, we will get through this together!


    Weekly Objective(s):

    -Students will understand the rules and outline of this course.





    Name one bone in human body and explain where it is located. 




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    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

        Reveiw the vocabulary words for each unit. Become fimiliar with each word and its meaning. Also take a glance at the example questions before working on each subjects quiz. 


    What is Cardiorespiratory Fitness

    Cardiorespiratory Workout



    Assignments and Assessments:


    Complete the online quiz for this unit. These quizes will review the material that was previous present in each subject's video as well as their vocabulary words. 



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