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      What is Pride - PRIDE is the acronym used to define our school wide behavior program. We believe that children need to learn how to read, write, do math and become socially responsible. Just as we teach children to sound out words, write their names , add and subtract, we teach them what it means to be a socially responsible person. Our program teaches children how to be proud of themselves by respecting others, being ready and safe.

     How does the program work - The school wide program is a twist on a token economy but with much deeper implications. Children are taught clearly defined expectations. These expectations are the same everywhere in the school. Children know exactly how they are expected to behave because it's clearly defined and taught. Teachers use actual behavior lesson plans to teach the skills. Everyone in the school uses the same language so the expectations are reinforced everywhere. 

     How is it reinforced - Each child is given a card with 10 paw prints. When teachers catches a child showing PRIDE, their card is punched with a hole puncher. Once the card is filled with punches, the child can buy something from the school store. Each teacher has their own school store in their classroom. Children can save the cards for bigger prizes.   Every month we have a PRIDE celebration in the gym where we discuss how we are doing and where we can improve. Every Friday a PRIDE raffle is drawn which consists of the names of every student who filled a punch card. They are awarded a special prize at that time.

     Is it easy -NO! but anything that is worth while takes time, energy and practice.

     Is that it - NO ! there is much more. Stop by and see it in action, but give us a call first, just showing up would not be showing PRIDE !