• * Kindergarten doesn't receive a letter grade but I expect them to follow the expectations as well so they can be successful in 1st grade. *


    1st/2nd Grade students are graded using a letter system: S, I, N, and U.

    Please check Skyward consistently if you would like to know how your student is doing. I will change student grades if they are not following my expectations!


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Active participation in all classroom activities.
    2. Follow classroom rules and instructions.
    3. Maintains focus and does not distract others.
    4. SING! This is music class and singing is required.



     4th through 6th Grade

    Students are given a number grade based on several factors:


    25% Quizzes

    25% Assignments/Projects/Programs

    25% Class Activities

    25% Classroom Conduct



    Music is a performing art! Therefore the most important aspect of this class is for each student to participate in activities to the best of their ability. I also expect my students to be on their best behavior. In a group environment it is imperative that students are doing their absolute best because their actions affect other students' learning.