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                                                        WORD FAMILIES

    -at words- cat hat bat rat sat mat pat Nat fat vat Flat that

    -an words- van man fan pan tan Jan Dan Stan than plan scan began Nan van ran

    -it words- bit fit hit kit lit pit sit wit spit split omit knit

    -ig words- big dig fig jig pig rig wig Zig

    -ot words- lot hot pot tot not got rot knot spot shot slot cannot robot

    -ox words- lox fox box sox pox

    -et words- vet get let yet met set net wet bet jet pet 

    -en words- hen Ben Jen men ten den pen Owen open when

    -ut words- cut hut nut rut tut but gut

    -ug words- dug rug bug jug mug tug hug slug