• Letters:
    M/m, A/a, S/s, P/p, T/t, I/i, N/n, C/c, O,o, D/d, H/h, E/e, B/b, L/l, K/k, U/u, G/g, W/w, J/j, Q/q, Y/y, Z/z
    Short and Long Vowels:
    a, e, i, o, & u
    The following is a list of high-frequency words we will be learning in order throughout the school year.
    High Frequency Words / Heart Words:
    and, do, is, you, have, little, me, do, help, see, can , want, what, a, are, here, of, for, they, I, go, he, my, the, like, this, to, too, she, with, said, we, was, has, play, where, look, good, who, come, & does