• The district will be utilizing Flexible Instruction days for up to 5 snow days for the 2021-2022 school year.  Synchronous instruction will be provided.

    Each student was given a copy of their schedule for these days.  

    Please follow your schedule utilizing your TEAMS calendar.  


    Update: February 4, 2022, will be an asynchronous instruction day due to impending power outages.  We will hold an abbreviated version of our usual schedule on TEAMS.  If you are unable to attend, I posted an assignment on TEAMS for you to complete.  Please take a picture of your work and submit it to me via email bruggerj@hasdk12.org or via ClassDojo.  


    Assignment is as follows: 

    If you are unable to attend the live meetings, please practice reading and writing your current high frequency words and complete the following math problems. You can take a picture of your work and send it to me on ClassDojo.
    Words are: a, was, not, girl, he, play
    2+3=___ , 5+4=___, 8-3=___, and 6-4=___ (please use pictures or manipulatives to solve)