• Classwork - Classwork is assigned daily and includes various activities to practice the concepts learned in class. Examples can be worksheets, vocabulary activities, grammar practice, and reading assignments. These will mostly be in the form of Microsoft forms, but can also include PowerPoint, Canva, or Kahoot activities.

    Daily Journals - Every day, you will be given a short writing prompt. You must respond in ONE paragraph in ENGLISH. Do not use an AI program. Using AI will result in a zero.

    Projects - Each Unit will include a project. This will be a larger assignment that will require the student to apply the skills we learn in class in a creative way. At least two class periods will be given to work on a project.

    Quizzes and Tests - Quizzes will be given every Friday to check for comprehension and understanding of class materials. A test will be given at the end of every Unit.



    • Classwork and Journals are assigned DAILY. It is the responsibility of the student to log in daily and complete their assignment. Falling behind even one day can quickly cause the amount of assignments to accumulate, resulting in an overwhelming amount of work to be done. Be responsible, log in daily, do your assignments, and ask if you need help.
    • Quizzes, Tests, and Projects are larger assignments that are given less frequently. As such, failure to complete even ONE of them can lower your grade significantly. It is very important to do your quizzes and projects as they are assigned.