• How am I graded in Art Class?
    The students are graded using certain criteria per project according to these five area guidelines:
    1.  Has the student participated to their best ability
        during class and in all class discussions?
    25 points
    2.  Did the student follow all directions for the
        current project?
    25 points
    4.  Was the final product completed with good
        craftsmanship or neatness?
    25 points
    5.  Did the student show understanding and
        comprehension of all material learned?
    25 points
                                    Total:                        100 points
    In grading all projects, the student will lose 5 points for not having their name and period on it.
    Grades are calculated in the following manner:
    Projects- 50%
    Assignments- 20%
    Sketchbooks/Artist Statements- 30%
    Total- 100