• Classroom Procedures for
    Lori Kaschak

    Students will:
    Come to class each day with something to write with and a notebook. They will complete a writing prompt and discuss it each day.
    Students May not use any electronic devices in the classroom and they are not permitted to charge their devices in the room. 
    Students will need a pass to leave the room. Passes will be given AFTER attendance is taken. Students will be permitted to go to the lav at the start and end of the period unless there are extenuating circumstances. 
     Students are expected to:
    1. Show respect to all people in room at all times
    2. Come to class with a pen or pencil and paper
    3, Complete all assignments on time
    4. Stay seated unless given permision to move
    5. Sign out before leaving the room
    6. Refrain from talking without permission (raise hand to get permission)
    7. Not have any electronic devices out in classroom
    8. Refrain from touching anything in the room ex. tv, computers, windows, fans without teacher permission
    9. never go behind the teachers desk or open drawers of desk to protect the rights of privacy of all students re: grades or disabilities
    10. Promote an environment of learning by words and actions at all times