• Testing Procedures for
    Lori Kaschak
    Homework and Class Participation:
    Students will be given one book, folder and notebook to use in class. They will be expected to come to class with a pencil or pen every day. If they do not come with something to write with they will lose class participation points.
    Quizzes and Tests: A large part of their grade for this class is based on quizzes and tests that will be given. They will also work in notebooks daily and the notebooks will be graded as a quiz grade. A test will be given each time we complete two stories in text book and then will take a Unit test when 6 stories are completed.
    Writing Projects:  Each quarter students will complete one or two writing projects.
    Tests: A test will be given at the end of each unit in our textbook
    Projects: we will focus on writing this year and will be assigning various projects that are writing intensive.
    Exams: at the end of each quarter an exam will be given. A project may be given in place of an exam during some quarters 
    If a student is absent the day an assessment is given they will be expected to do the assessment on their first day back to school.
    Any student caught cheating will be given a zero for that assessment.