• Classroom Procedures for
    Mr. Cann

    Grading Procedures:

    Tests: A chapter test or project is given for each chapter covered.

    Quizzes: A vocabulary or section(s) quiz will be given at least once each chapter.

    Homework: Homework will be collected and graded. These assignments will be comprised of vocab, section reviews, maps, graphic organizers, timelines, worksheets, and opinion questions.

    Exam: A final exam will be given at the end of the semester covering several chapters.

    *You can refer to the grading procedures page on this website for additional information such as make up tests and late assignments.


    Classroom Procedures:

    The class will be run using several different instructional techniques both teacher based (lecture) and student based (group work such as creating organizers and timelines).
    Students should strive to come to class prepared to discuss, debate, and answer questions dealing with topics being covered that day.
    Students will be expected to keep a notebook as it will be extremely helpful as a study guide.

    Students should arrive on time daily prepared with their text book, notebook, and pen or pencil.  Those failing to comply with these procedures risk losing class participation points (25% of final grade).