• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Mollie Fetterman
    System 44


     System 44 is designed to be used daily with students spending 20 minutes in each of  their 3 daily rotations as well as 1 whole group activity.  Each day, we begin class with the whole group model.  We spend approximately 10-15 minutes creating a community of learners and setting the purpose for the day's lesson.  After the purpose has been set, we begin our daily rotations.  The rotations for our class include instructional software, small group instruction, and a literature station.  During the instructional software rotation, students work independently and receive intensive individualized instruction and skill practice.  During the small group instruction rotation and literature station, students are given explicit instruction based on data reports coming from the software.  Students are also building fluency and stamina through modeled and independent reading.
    Together we are cracking the code!
    Please checkout the link below for more information about system 44.